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DOMUS KITS is celebrating its 20th anniversary.

In 1988, the former company of CONSTRUMIN, S.A. moved to a warehouse on the outskirts of Terrassa to transfer the business to the recently-created DOMUS CONSTRUCCIONES Y JUEGOS, S.L. During its early years, DOMUS produced various different articles: construction kits with ceramic and wooden pieces, porcelain dolls and board games.

In 1995 DOMUS dreamt up an ingenious construction system for its kits which led to a new concept of model-making. It started using the system in its ROMANESQUE ART series (which now features more than 20 models). Later on it created the RUSTIC series and the product range continued to develop using this novel model-building technique.

In 1998 DOMUS changed the company structure and embarked on an ambitious plan to reorganize the company and update its image. The range of products was enlarged and modernized (with the new COUNTRYSIDE, K.I.D. and MEDIEVAL series), with great success. Relations with customers and stakeholders (employees, sales agents, suppliers) were consolidated, production potential was increased and productivity was optimized by upgrading the machinery and carrying out major renovations in the workplace. DOMUS established itself as the unquestionable leader in the niche market of architectural models.

In 2001, DOMUS brought back CONSTRUMIN to involve it in the design and development of new products. In the same year it established a relationship with OCCRE to explore new directions: new product development (POPULAR ARCHITECTURE) and the commercialization of model boats, doll’s houses and the mosaic series (until 2004).

In 2002, DOMUS bought a new adjacent warehouse to relocate its production processes.

In 2004, DOMUS received ISO 9001:2000 standard certification, with an optimum rating, accrediting its organizational and management system.

Today, DOMUS is ready to tackle the uncertainties of the future with enthusiasm and commitment. We are proud of the experience behind us and very satisfied with our progress over the last 20 years, during which we have always enjoyed the support of all our friends and colleagues.

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